Sobre nosotros

No solo escuches lo que dicen,
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Sobre nosotros

Somos una agencia de viajes en línea que trabaja eficazmente para revolucionar su viaje y también preservar la belleza que nos rodea a través de un viaje sostenible. Somos un equipo de entusiastas de los viajes a la hora de servirle con los mejores. Además, nos comprometemos a ofrecer un valor inigualable y servicios excepcionales, y no le daremos ningún cambio para que lo piense dos veces. ¡No solo escuche lo que dicen, diríjase y explore de inmediato!


Nuestra Misión

Retire el negro para reemplazarlo con más verde y azul que esté puramente limpio. Nuestra misión es hacer del planeta un lugar mejor y ver la belleza en la medida en que su vista pueda alcanzarla.

Se pregunta qué nos hace diferentes del resto?

We are an online travel agency that is effectively working to revolutionize your travel and also preserve the beauty around us through sustainable travel. We are a team of travel enthusiasts when it comes to serve you with the best. We plan you pack, that's what we believe.Also, we are committed to offer unbeatable value and exceptional services and give you no change to think twice. Don't just listen to what they say, head over and explore it right away!

Savvy Travel + Sustainability


A Deal Not To Be Missed!

Travel Sustainable International is a name that comes in whenever sustainable travel pops up. A reputed name that has a strong mission that travel can protect the world’s natural and cultural riches and create economic opportunity as well. Over 13 years, they have been growing, testing, and sharing their exclusive and impactive ways, ideas, tools, and knowledge to enable self-directed sustainability.

Being their supporter Flightsbank too believes and aims to make the world a better place by educating the people to build knowledge and inspire action at their own level by contributing a little towards the environment but making a big change.

At Flightsbank, we firmly believe that travel provides people with a unique understanding and appreciation for different cultures around the world, and it is our responsibility as travellers to do our part to reduce the negative impact that a holiday may have on the area.


So let us work hard to make your travel sustainable and help both travellers and businesses understand and mitigate their impact through various awareness acts and active community immersion. Through this dedicated approach to sustainable travel, Flightsbank has been able to achieve some pretty amazing things since our inception in 2016.

We are ready to bring a change, are you?

Meet The Man Behind Flightsbank Plan

Back in the 20th century, when kids of his age were playing with the paper planes, there was a boy who was already exploring the world on the real planes. When his friends were watching cartoons, he was witnessing the sunsets. When his classmates were visualising pictures of the new destinations in the books, he was cherishing the experiences of those places.

Call him lucky or luckiest, being a pilot’s son made him a frequent traveller at a very young age. He was now friends with the skies and the clouds and travelling was one thing that he was wondering all about. He was flying like a paper get high like planes. This man was living a life that most of us only dreams of. He came to a stage where travelling was the only thing that gave him all that he ever wanted. But at times nothing stands in your way because the hands of time is never always at your side. To be a hero you have to have a breakdown to know who you are. You have to fight the worst situations to have a happy ending. In his life, one thing that changed him completely was a loss of his loved one. It was a time that made him realise the true purpose of life. Good times become memories and bad times become lessons.

Experiencing nature and travelling around the globe, he decided to let the entire world travel and this is where Flightsbank came in.

CEO Flightsbank